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M.Z. Berger & Company— 'Gruen' quartz watches
This company has no connection with the Gruen Watch Company, they just have the rights to use the name. Please contact them about your quartz watch, but do not trust them with a vintage Gruen mechanical watch. For mechanical watch repairs, please see the FAQ page to find a watchmaker in your area, or see the other links below.

Gruen Watch Model Identification Guide
Mike Barnett has painstakingly compiled a book identifying over 300 vintage Gruen models. The listing for each watch includes a picture (sometimes multiple pictures), dates, original prices, and the price equivalents in today’s dollars.
Mike also publishes reproductions of Gruen parts catalogs, repair manuals, training materials for watchmakers and other Gruen material. His website includes a listing of serial number dates for Gruen models 405, 410, 420, & 425.

GruenWristwatches forum
A group of enthusiastic Gruen collectors and enthusiasts. Forum members are doing important original research on various Gruen topics, including breaking the serial number codes. Gruen's factory records were destroyed long ago, so the tables of serial numbers and manufacturing dates that are available for most vintage watches no longer exist for Gruen.

The best resource on the Web for watch collectors and enthusiasts. The Vintage Watch Forum is a great place to discuss older timepieces and meet collectors.

Cary Hurt
If you're interested in buying or selling a vintage Gruen watch, or are looking for parts, Cary is a knowledgeable Gruen dealer and expert, and a pleasure to deal with. He's been a great help with my research. CHurt44966@aol.com

The Accutron Watch Page
Rob Berkavicius has put together an informative and entertaining website for enthusiasts and collectors of tuning fork watches. I highly recommend this site to all vintage watch enthusiasts.

The Elgin Watch Collector's Site
Wayne Schlitt has produced an excellent and carefully researched site about Elgin, another American watch company whose history has been sadly neglected. His pages include detailed pictures of watches and a section showing Elgin advertising and ephemera.

René Rondeau
Mr. Rondeau is the author of two books about the Hamilton Watch Company—The Watch of the Future, about the Hamilton Electrics, and Hamilton Watches, a Collector's Guide. He also sells vintage timepieces and is the leading specialist in sales and service of Hamilton Electric watches.

Mr. Hiroaki Endo’s Watch Collection
An impressive and varied vintage watch collection in Japan. The picture of each watch is a link to more photos and information. Viewing a collection like this one allows you to compare watches from different manufacturers made during the same time period.

Horology — the Index
Maintained by Fortunat F. Mueller-Maerki, this huge index of horology-related links serves as a portion of the WWW-Virtual Library. Unfortunatly, this list has not been updated for some time.

One of the oldest and best vintage watch sales sites on the Web.

James Dowling's Rolex Page
Mr. Dowling is the co-author of The Best of Time; Rolex Wristwatches. His website features updates and corrections to the book, as well as a gallery of unusual Rolex models. His site also offers rare and unusual vintage Rolex and other watches for sale.

This is Hans-Peter Brugger's site dedicated to watch design. The site is in both English and German. He has designer watches for sale, and he has collected related information, such as designer biographies and a huge list of watch-related links.

Nomos Tangente "Expo 2000"
Link to a watch review and photos of this German watch that I did for TimeZone.

Ventura v-matic auto
Another TimeZone watch review with photos done for TimeZone.

Watch portfolio
For my eventual Gruen book, I hope to include photos of as many different Gruen watches as possible. This link is to a sample of some watch photography I've done. Please contact me if you'd be willing to allow me to photograph your Gruen collection. contact


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