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This site gets over 130 visitors per day, and I get a huge number of emails asking questions that are already answered here. Please read the FAQ page before you email me.

Please don’t send me questions about quartz watches; I will not be able to help you. The FAQ has links to the company that makes them.

Please note that I am NOT the Gruen Watch Company; I’m just a guy who did some research and wrote some web pages. Please don’t send me orders for new watches, complain to me about broken ones, request a Gruen price list, or ask me about replacement parts. Please read the FAQ page.

I cannot help with replacement parts for vintage watches. See my links page for some suggestions.

I am not interested in exchanging links with commercial websites.

Please do not call my business number or my cell phone to ask questions about your watch. I consider this extremely rude.

This website is not a catalog!

Thanks for your patience with my ranting.


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