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about Pixel Panache

‘Pixel’ is the abbreviation for ‘picture element,’ the tiny blocks of color that make up a digital or video image. ‘Panache’ is style with attitude.

My name is Paul Schliesser, and I’ve been producing artwork professionally for over 30 years. Pixel Panache was started in 1992.

You’ll see samples here from large corporations, but I often work with smaller companies and organizations. My favorite clients are those whom I can help to create a new and consistent image — this can include new logo designs, websites, signage, trade show displays, packaging, brochures, ads, stationery, even employee badges.

I am not a newcomer to modern technology. I have been doing computer graphics since the 1970s, desktop publishing since the 1980s, website design since the early 1990s. My extensive experience working with digital media means that I know how to produce images that not only look good, but will reproduce properly.

Located in suburban Cincinnati, my goal is to make high quality graphics available to small and mid-size companies. I strive to be a low-overhead and practical alternative to high-priced design and advertising agencies.

Your marketing materials are what your potential customers will know you by.

Let's work together to create the image you want to present to the world.


Below: Scout, the photogenic member of the Pixel Panache staff.

She's available to endorse your product.


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