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Cincinnati, Ohio

PIXEL PANACHE designs, produces and manages websites. I started hand-coding HTML in the early 1990s, so I understand the technical details of how the web works. Today, I employ modern, powerful software tools for the advantages they offer, but don’t use them as crutches. I still often find it useful or necessary to edit the underlying code directly, and make sure my code is lean and efficient.

Your website needs to be appropriate for its purpose. Sometimes this means it should be simple and uncomplicated; other times, a complex site is needed to present large amounts of detailed information — one size does not fit all.

I never design websites by simply adding content to a generic template. I plan the entire site, including its underlying structure, to fit its unique purpose.

A website should look attractive, but it’s the contents that are important. Nothing should get in the way or distract the reader — no broken links, no confusing navigation, no dead ends, no busy layouts, no impossible-to-read text. If your visitors don't see what they're looking for in the first five seconds, your competitors are only a mouse click away. If information can't be found quickly and easily, it might as well not be there.

A website is extremely cost-effective. No need to snail-mail a package of printed literature — your marketing materials, forms or catalog are available, instantly, to anyone in the world.

The web is the first place people look for new information, products and services. A professional-looking website will give your business credibility.



A website has become one of the most important and most cost effective ways for companies to find and communicate with customers. Let me help you look good.

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